the Lesson of the Rosebush

When you look at a rose bush, why do you only see the thorns?

Why do you not see the beauty within the long thin spears that guard the delicate buds?

Why do you think thorns are but a flaw to the beautiful rose?

Are flaws not what makes a rose beautiful?


Without these “flaws” no rose would ever exist, for it would surely be eaten before it had a chance to bloom.

Are flaws not the creators of beauty?


Why then do you mock the flaws of the rose?

Why then do you dismiss a rosebush?


Are we not all roses encompassed by thorns?

Are we not all beautiful because of our flaws?





About jlwhybrew

I've been reading since 4 and writing since 5 and I haven't stopped since. It's a hobby, a passion, a skill, a need. It's part of me.
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