An Honest Plea

Why so many tears?

Why so many lies?

Why so many years?

Why so many tries?



Why the struggles?

Why the pain?

Why the deception?

Why the rage?



Why try?

Why succeed?

Why live?

Why breath?









Tell me why.


Tell me the core.

Tell me the truth.

Tell me the heart.

Tell me the root.




Tell the story.

Tell the shame.

Tell the hatred.

Tell the blame.


Tell all.

Tell now.

Tell who.

Tell how.









Speak for the lost.

Speak for the heartbroken.

Speak for the innocent.

Speak for the hopeless.



Speak for love.

Speak for hope.

Speak for courage.

Speak for trust.



Speak loud.

Speak true.

Speak gentle.

Speak truth.









Live for the truth.

Live for the relief.

Live for the hope.

Live for the belief.



Live for joy.

Live for pain.

Live for loss.

Live for gain.












About jlwhybrew

I've been reading since 4 and writing since 5 and I haven't stopped since. It's a hobby, a passion, a skill, a need. It's part of me.
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