Look Up.

No Matter what’s happening there is one way I can always brighten my day.

I Look Up.

Do you ever notice how unique the sky is?

Everyday it looks different…

Different Clouds,

Different Colors,

Different Shapes,

Different Moods,

It’s beautiful.

Look Around.

See the trees,

the buildings,

the people,

the birds,

the rain and snow,

and just appreciate this moment.

This is a moment in time that you will never live again, so why not take a moment to admire it?

There is it.. All around us everyday.

We pass it going to work,

hurrying to school,

and just running errands.

It’s always there, but how often do we take a second to enjoy it?

So next time you’re feeling down, look outside.

The sky will always be there with something new to show you.

The birds will always be singing a new tune,

The trees will always be growing.

You Don’t have to miss it.

All you have to do is Look Up.


About jlwhybrew

I've been reading since 4 and writing since 5 and I haven't stopped since. It's a hobby, a passion, a skill, a need. It's part of me.
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