A Note From My Sister

“I want you to always believe that you can do more than me because you can.

You have a voice that can turn heads,

you have a heart that can break down walls,

you have brains that can helps others,

you have a passion for kids when I think they are obnoxious,

you have a huge school and no college loans to pay off,

you have a huge missions field where you can make a difference everyday in so many peoples lives.

You have a smile that can melt a frozen heart into warm butter,

you have gorgeous hair that glimmers in the sunlight like the autumn leaves and makes people think of good times,

you have big beautiful eyes that say I Care!

You are so beautiful and so gifted/ talented and God has such big plans for you,

He is just telling you to wait a little while and trust Him.

Hang in there, read your favorite passage and ask Him where He wants you and what He wants you to do in this difficult time and situation.

He has a way better plan for you and closing the door on RA right now is just telling you that is not your path even though you wanted it.

He has a better plan for your life!

Trust Him.

It’s not easy but you are a pro at hard things!

You put up with me and that’s definitely not easy!”

Everyone needs a pick me up sometimes. I’m just thankful to have a sister who knows exactly what to say.

I Love You, Sis!


About jlwhybrew

I've been reading since 4 and writing since 5 and I haven't stopped since. It's a hobby, a passion, a skill, a need. It's part of me.
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